About Us

The Shire of Dismal Fogs was founded in 1982 and we recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary! We are a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in Australia. Our members are scattered along the winding mountain passes that are the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Shire of Dismal Fogs

Who are we?

Situated just West of Sydney in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia, the Shire of Dismal Fogs is a regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is an international non-profit educational organisation that is dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century European History. We focus on practical applications in medieval arts and sciences, including costuming, cooking, martial arts, dance, calligraphy and illumination, brewing, metalwork, archery and music (to name but a few!)

We meet regularly on the second Sunday of the month, 12-3pm for a general business meeting; and on the fourth Sunday for Arts & Sciences activities. Every 3 months we get together for a Mini Ball and Tourney 12pm - 10pm, check the Dismal Fogs Facebook group for details.

REGNUM (Who's who in Dismal Fogs)

Seneschal (President)


O419 811833


Reeve (Treasurer)

Danielis (Kylie)

Arts and Sciences (Creative stuff)

Magdelayna (Lilly)

Hospitaller (New member liaison)

Wendy of Dismal Fogs (Wendy Espey)

O419 811 833

Constable (Safety officer)

Herald (Announcements)

Wladimir (Gabriel)

More at the Dismal Fogs Persona & Heraldry chat group on Facebook

Chronicler (Newsletter)

Durant Blanc d’Airelle (Darrell)

limedon001 (at) outlook (dot) com

Marshal (Combat)

Donwald MacNial (Stephen Grantham)

The 10 Ideals of the Society for Creative Anachronism

1. Treat your inferiors in rank, knowledge, or experience in the society as if they were your equals; treat your equals as if they were your superiors; treat officers as representatives of their Majesties; and treat the King and Queen with the respect due your sovereigns.
2. Use medieval forms of address and speak with courtesy.
3. Be faithful to your word and your company.
4. Show honour to all, regardless of their person.
5. Strive to be worthy of that honour.
6. Touch no one’s goods unasked; give and receive with grace.
7. Be gentle to the stranger, and lead them graciously.
8. Let your combat be without anger, and let the slain tell if they be slain.
9. Learn the reason for things said and done before raising your voice in anger or bitterness.
10.Honour the presence of your King and Queen, and pay them due reverence.
The SCA Ltd Code of Conduct:
1. As the society was founded on the ideals of nobility and chivalry, a member must behave honestly and with integrity.
2. A member must act with care and diligence
3. A member, when acting in the course of their membership must treat everyone with respect and without harassment, victimisation or discrimination.
4. All members are reminded that they are bound by all Australian Federal and State Laws, including the Child Protection Acts of each state and are required to conduct themselves in accordance with all the SCA policies, procedures and regulations that govern the participation of all members in all SCA events and activities.
5. A member must comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by a person having authority to give the direction.
6. A member must disclose, and take reasonable steps to avoid, any conflict of interest in connection with the member’s SCA membership or in connection with their holding of office.
7. A member must use the SCA resources in a proper manner.
8. A member, when acting in the course of their SCA membership, must behave in a way that upholds the underlying principles of the SCA.
9. A member must at all times behave in a way that does not adversely affect the integrity and good reputation of the SCA.
10. A member does not use the Society to promote their own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are not compatible with the principles of the Society.
11. A member has the right and responsibility to respect each member’s right to personal privacy.

Do you live in the Blue Mountains? Are you interested in participating in fun medieval inspired activities such as feasting, armoured fighting, dancing, music and archery? Email us for how to join in.